Glamorous Furniture//Kangjon Kitchen Set

I can’t wait for weekend ..this week is so wired for me ..i am sad almost all the day have no idea why ..maybe I need to go shopping or maybe a party to get drunk. Anyway it took a while to get some new high quality furniture to present to you because as you know I hate to present something that is not good looking ..i actually prefer to wait one year for a gorgeous item then to bring you something I hate .Looks like I’ve got my new breathtaking set ,are you ready to hear more about it?

I am sure you heard about MudHoney store .They create some very very very high quality items that will leave you speechless .They are quite new on Glamorous Furniture ,but never stop to surprise us with the fabulous new releases they have to offer.You definitely have to give them a try and visit their store.

Now lets talk about the kitchen set we have in the pictures .It is one of MudHoney’s newest release named “Kangjon Kitchen” .As Rayvn Hynes said when she released it ,it is for sure not a low prim set as it has around 409 prims but the details are simply stunning .What makes this set so special is the quality of it and the many items that comes together with it .Of course you have the option to open the fridge door and same with the oven .You can turn the fire on and off for the stove and same option with the water too .As about the chairs they come with many animation so for sure you won’t get bored .

I told you this new set is simply amazing ,you have to get it .If you think the same way like me ,I advice you to press the slurl from the store credits and enjoy your time at the store .Don’t forget shop as much as you can because it’s quality ,xoxo Ama

-Store List-
Set: Kangjon Kitchen – [MudHoney] /Designer- Rayvn Hynes
Available at [MudHoney] Mainstore

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