Glamorous Furniture//Nordic Cabin

How are my blog readers ?Did you have a fabulous day? I came home a bit later then usually -.-“ as I had many problems to solve at my real life work ,but even after that I managed to make for all of you a stunning presentation that you will simply adore .Since winter is almost here ,we need to get used with more “winter” stuffs like the one I am going to present to you in the next lines…are you ready to see what I mean when I say “stylish cabin” ?…

I am more then sure you remember the well known store {what next} .I love them thanks to the very high quality items they create .This week they got on the Glamorous Furniture blog with that living room set (p.s: I already rezzed it in my house ,it’s so good looking),and today they are back with other new fantastic new releases .

Named {what next} Nordic Cabin you can get this winter cabin in both furnished and unfurnished version .Of course today I am going to present you the furnished version as it looks a lot better.Inside the cabin you have a wood burning stove and wonderful sofa for poses both for female and male too .Of course like we got used they both look gorgeous.

So are you ready to go shopping? If the answer is yes then just follow the slurl from store credits and look for this new release .You will love it ,xoxo Ama

-Store List-
House: Nordic Cabin – {what next} /Designer- Winter Thorn
Available at {what next} Mainstore

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