Glamorous Furniture//Winter Cookie Table

Hello Glamorous Furniture*big hugs to everybody* .How is your day? I had a long day..and it’s already 8:43 PM. Well let me tell you one of my favorite question (except the ones related to fashion *laughs*) : “What is your favorite Holiday?”.My answers will always be Christmas .I love it so much .I love waking up at 2 pm with my boyfriend near me and going in the kitchen to drink a hot chocolate while outside is snowing .I love decorating the entire apartment ,and of course I so love the Christmas tree( I always make it red or silver depending on my mood during that year) .Maybe you are asking yourself : ok and how are thins thing related with this presentation .Well I brought you a special set from Bahia Tiki ,made to remember all of you that Christmas is coming …

Bahia Tiki is for sure a very high quality furniture store .Everything made by them looks so good .It’s not the first time I am presenting them on the blog ,but I am sure you will enjoy this design more then anything else.I recommend you to take a look at their store and discovery the gorgeous designs.

Now let’s talk about the set we have in the main picture .I am sure the name says everything “Winter Cookie Table Set” .It’s actually a table with 5 chairs and Christmas cookies on it .Together with the set comes the fabulous lamp and of course the colorful carpet .They are a perfect match together and this new release by Bahia Tiki will have you remember about the Christmas Holiday in the virtual world .

So let’s get prepared for this fabulous holiday and buy this set .I am going to advice you all to visit their mainstore .Like always you have the slurl link at store credits .It’s time for shopping ,xoxo Ama

-Store List-
Set: Winter Cookie Table Set –Bahia Tiki/Designer- Aral Levitt
Available at Bahia Tiki Mainstore

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