Glamorous Furniture//Magic Cauldron

I still remember the days when I used to role play as a witch in second life for the virtual Hogwarts –Harry Potter .It was so much fun *lol* .I will never forget my potions class ,where I found this gorgeous items that made my experience even better .That’s why I chose to present it to you today ,as it has a very special place in my heart .So let me show you how to be the best potion teacher ever…

First of all I want to present you RumbleR Boa .He is the genius behind this breathtaking design .He is a very good scripter and builder and all his item are made to help us while being in the virtual world .I recommend you to visit his website you won’t regret for sure.

Now let’s talk about the Magic Cauldron as it is named .It is actually a potion that comes with a cauldron ,a shelve with all the ingredients you need and of course a potion book .Everything is connected between them .Following the potions instructions from the book ,using the right ingredients and knowing when to make fire ,agitate and whirl ,you can make an amazing potion .I recommend you all to look for this cauldron as it is for sure one of the best magic stuffs in second life.

I hope you enjoyed this presentation ,and I look forward seeing you buying it and making your own potions .Don’t forget I love you all ,xoxo Ama

-Store List-

Design:Magic Cauldron– RumbleR Boa/Designer- RumbleR Boa
Available at RumbleR Boa Mainstore
Item can be found at sl marketplace at the following link …

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