Glamorous Furniture//Bow Apartment by NSB

Good Morning glamorous furniture readers .I just came back from work and I must tell you all that I am super tired ,but I managed to get time to make this fabulous home presentation that will leave you all breathless . I think you all know how much I love houses ,especially if they are super quality .Well today I realized something : I don’t need a huge house to be happy .i just need my perfect apartment skybox .Let me show you what I got for you…

I am sure you remember NotSoBad, top furniture designer in the virtual world .They are probably one of the best thanks to the high quality homes and furniture they design .I am a big fan of them ,and every new release is for sure a must have in your inventory .They are extremely creative and all their items are so unique and easy to match them with your house. Anyway for today’s presentation they made for us a skybox.

In the past I wasn’t such a big fan of skybox ,but since NSB released the gorgeous “Bow Apartment” I felt in love with them .Of course it is not a big apartment , but everything is very high quality .The texture it’s so realistic ,probably one of the best used until now at one of their creations .It is actually a 2 floor apartment ,but it can tell you it has enough space for everything you need.

The home comes with a TV set ,and here comes the best part a color change permission of the wall .So you can actually make it how you want .You have a list of several lovely colors to use ,you just have to decide which one is your favorite .I told you this house is so great.

So my dears ,what’s next? Well like always we have to visit their mainstore .Just search for the Bow Apartment ,but in the same time don’t forget to look for their other designs too .Everything is so great . Enjoy your shopping and hope to hear from all of you soon ,xoxo Ama

-Store List-

SkyBox: Bow Apartment – NotSoBad/Designer-Emilie Freund
Available at NotSoBad Mainstore

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