Glamorous Furniture//Hoxley House By [MudHoney]

Hello Glamorous Furniture .How is everybody today? I have been away for a long time ,real life is becoming so busy for me , I hardly get any minutes to log on ,especially because I got the chance to travel a lot almost monthly .Anyway I am happy to say that I managed to bring today on my favorite blog a gorgeous house made by a super quality designer that I am sure you will love .So let’s see what we have here…

First of all let me introduce to you and welcome to the Glamorous Furniture collaboration list the sweet Rayvn Hynes ,designer of the well known store [MUDHONEY] .They design from high quality furniture to first class houses, so the visit to their store is a must.

Now let’s talk a bit about the house in the picture .As I am sure you realized it’s one of the newest release of the store I presented .Named Hoxley House ,it is a two floor house with enough space for you to rezz everything .In the same time the high quality texture isn’t missing.

One of my favorite thing from the entire design is the connection with the second floor .The stairs are actually outside . I really love this kind of houses . In the same time at the 2 floor you have 2 gorgeous balcony to relax and a very big room (I recommend it as a bed room) . At the first floor you have many rooms for everything you want .Oh and of course the light effect on the windows makes this house even more real .

So what are you waiting for my dears? I am sure that all of you understood that we need to go shopping because MudHoney is with us ,and designed a house we must have .Hope to see you there . xoxo Ama

-Store List-
House: Hoxley House– [MudHoney] /Designer- Rayvn Hynes
Available at [MudHoney] Mainstore

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