Glamorous Furniture//The Rico by Abode

Hello,Hello to everybody who is reading today’s glamorous furniture post .I am sure all of you got used with me : I blog only high qualities . At the moment I am working on a lot of projects, but got enough time to present to all of you a gorgeous house that I am sure you will fall in love with .I already rezzed it on my land and I am mega in love with the texture and it’s style .Ready to hear more?Press “Continue Reading “

First of all I want all of you to welcome to gorgeous –abode – store back on the GF blog .They design some really good looking house(at the end that’s why they are here) .I saw them a long time ago ,but just some weeks ago I talked with the lovely Aya Liotta and abode officially joined our collaboration list .

Now let’s talk a bit about the house in the picture .Believe me it looks as good inside as it looks outside too .Made only from first class texture ,the house that you can see in the pictures wears the name of The Rico” and is for sure a must have if you love second life homes.

The house has two floors and a small terrace where you can drink your coffee every morning .There are enough rooms for everything you want ,and of course it is made with so much love .Believe me when I am watching this house I am asking myself if it exists in real life too ,really great job for the –abode- store.

I hope the pictures convinced you to buy it .If not then please visit –abode-mainstore and take a look at all her designs .Everything looks gorgeous .Enjoy it and see you soon ,Ama.

-Store List-
House: The Rico –Abode- /Designer- Aya Liotta
Available at –Abode- Mainstore

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