Glamorous Furniture//reBourne The Love Shack

Hello Glamorous Furniture readers .How is everybody today? I am having a gorgeous day ,even if I am a bit tired I am so in the mood to present you some new releases. You know I am a homeaholic(my word for a person who loves new buildings) ,and every time I get something new I just jump from my chair and smile .But today it was different ,I got probably one of the highest quality houses in second life .Very private and in the same time very must have .Are you ready to see what I prepared for you today?..

First of all ,please all of you welcome back reBourne of Glamorous Furniture .They are the designer of the breathtaking house you can see in the pictures. Oh and that’s not at all ,first time was auctioned in second life before it got in their store .So that means that somewhere in the virtual world there is one person who got this item exclusively .And after reading this post you will realize why they decided to make first an auction..

It is named The Love Shack ,and it’s not a very big building ,but it’s made in a very high quality way .First of all it is surrounded by a box textured to represent some city lights .That’s why I find it private ,hard to enter the box if you don’t have a direct slurl .The building actually has 3 floors ,but believe me you have everything you need there.

Let’s start with my favorite part the living room and the kitchen. When you open the main door you will find this room furnished with stuffs to make it look good .Then ,using the ladder you will get at the “second floor” where Is your bedroom .I love how you can see the entire living room+ kitchen from your bedroom .Again everything it’s made in a high quality way .

Downstairs you have 2 different rooms . One of them represents the bathroom(again ,the entire room is furnished) and here comes my favorite part – the sauna . What’s the best thing at it?The texture of it its so first class ,that for a moment you will think it is real .I told you this new reBourne home has everything you need.

Now let’s go to the other room from downstairs .It is the place where I like to have a lot of fun –the pool .It is so big,enough place for 10 avatars to swim there . Oh and you even have a Jacuzzi –your place for gossips ,and 2 sunbathing chairs to relax .Fabulous right?

So what do you think about the new reBourne house? Must have right? That’s why I advice you to press the slurl link from store credits and enjoy your time at their mainstore .Don’t forget to check for latest releases too ,they all look gorgeous. Xoxo Ama

-Store List-
House+Furniture : The Love Shack Premium– reBourne /Designer- Danny Bourne
Available at reBourne Mainstore

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