Glamorous Furniture//Magic Mirror by Morantique

Good Afternoon Glamorous Furniture ,even if here is almost night .I am brining today to you ,another must have furniture that was released at the designer united event .I can tell you that it is just so lovely .I have it rezzed in my studio,and when I get bored I just “play” a bit with it . So let me show you what I’ve got here..

I hope you remind our designer ,Morantique .They design some gorgeous things in second life ,and if you didn’t know they are a jewelry designer too .So for sure if you want to style up your outfit you must visit their store .Anyway ,they are super known for their first class items like the one in the picture.

Named Mara Vanity ,is actually a make up desk set that comes with the table and a chair with a lot of poses. There is one thing that makes me love them so much ,the poses – always so good looking . And here comes my first part ,the mirror is a magic one .If you press it ,it will change it’s texture and share to you different well known quotes. Really gorgeous design.

So what are you waiting for? Looks like is time for shopping . Visit Morantique mainstore for more designs .xoxo Ama

-Store List-
Chair : Mara Vanity – Morantique /Designer- Mo Miasma
Available at Morantique Mainstore


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