Glamorous Furniture//Eams Modern House by NSB

Morning Glamorous Furniture .I just drank my coffee and now I am ready to present you a fabulous new building .I realized that the furnished houses gets the most views,so today we have a lovely building full of high quality furniture .I am not sure if you knew this ,but this home is one of the most waited things by NotSoBad. So give me the chance to present it to you.

First of all ,let me introduce you again today’s presentation designer : NotSoBad. They are one of my favorite designers when we talk about furniture ,and since today I love them even more for the lovely buildings they create .You must see this with your own eyes , it is gorgeous.

So in the pictures I have for you the newest released from NotSoBad. It is the furnished version of the new release Eams Moden House. I know this was one of the biggest projects Emilie Freund and Reda Bertolucci had in the past months ,so I want to congratulate her for designing such a high quality home.

Let me tell you some things about the house .It doesn’t have a lot of rooms ,but all of them are very big ..a lot of space to rezz everything and the texture is simply stunning .I think that at the moment is one of the highest quality home ever made .That’s a thing specific to NotSobad, to bring reality in the virtual world..

So actually when you enter the house you will have a big room to rezz your living and dinning room .You have a very well decorate pool to relax ,and than the gorgeous kitchen. Upstairs (my favorite part of this house) we have the bedroom with the small office .And here comes the best part ,the bathroom . It is made with so much style ,it’s lovely .Oh and of course you have a balcony too .

What about furniture ?Well that’s the good part if you buy the pack too ,you won’t spend thousands of L$ on this things .You will have everything you need ,perfectly made for this house and first class quality .I think everyone knows ,that in second life there is no one as good as NotSoBad.

So are you ready for the next thing? We are going to talk about the options of this house. My favorite one : wall color change menu .Actually you can chose what color you want for the house. The windows come with open/dim/close option too.You have included a fireplace too with of course fire on or off .You can set the access of the house, outdoor lighting and radio included too .

So what are you waiting for?It’s time to get another high quality house from NotSoBad .Don’t forget to check their other designs, they will let you speechless with their quality .See you soon ,take care .xoxo Ama

-Store List-

House&Furniture:Eams Moden House – NotSoBad/Designer-Emilie Freund
Available at NotSoBad Mainstore


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