Glamorous Furniture//:Dutchie:The Bloemendaal

Hello Glamorous Furniture .I took 2 days off,since I am a cold -.-“ and the doctor recommended me to stay home.That’s why I took time to present you something I felt in love with .You know from time to time I present different buildings ,or furniture ,but rarely I have a full furnished house .That’s what I am bringing you today, your future place called home…

First of all let me introduce you the gorgeous designer Froukje Hoorenbeek. After seeing this house I can tell you ,she is one of the best .In the same time she is the owner of the Dutchie store that sells both furniture and homes ,all of them looking fabulous .If you didn’t already I recommend you to visit it ,you won’t regret at all.

Now let’s talk about the building itself .It is named The Bloemendaal and you can get it unfurnished or with furniture .Of course I recommend it with the furniture as you won’t have to spend another thousands lindends on different things if you can get the perfect match for this house.

A lot of people have problems when they buy their house,especially with space . Well no problem at The Bloemendaal .It has everything you need .I love it especially because of it’s more modern style and of course first class texture .You know how important is for me too look good from outside too ,not just from inside.

So give me the chance to take you in a tour of the house. First of all we have the entrance hall, then you must visit the glorious bedroom . The Bathroom is another room I simply love .The living room of the house is simply breathtaking .I love to relax on the sofa and read Vogue magazine. Then we have the kitchen ,even if I don’t cook ,I would love to spend my time there ,everything it’s so quality .Near the living we have the study room perfect place for business .And if you want to enjoy the sun ,then you must visit the backyard .The pool is speechless.

Another problem for most of the customers are the prims .Problem solved .Dutchie always creates their designs in such way it fits every single sim .For example The Bloemendaal unfurnished has only 135 prims ,and furnished 672. Don’t forget that the furnished one has everything you need ,not just the necessary ,it includes even the lights ,decorative objects every single thing you will need to make the house look fabulous.

I think that would be all for today from Dutchie store .Like always we included a slurl to their store .I hope you will enjoy your time at their mainstore .Take care .xoxo Ama

-Store List-
House: The Bloemendaal – Dutchie /Designer- by Froukje Hoorenbeek
Available at Dutchie Mainstore

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