Glamorous Furniture//Abiss Fluctus

We talked a lot about different furniture and homes , I told you the story of high quality stores ,but there is a thing I never show you .What you actually need to start your own shop?The answer..a building .And there is one place where you can find it ,and be happy with it .That’s what today’s building presentation is about .Just Enjoy your time with us and don’t forget to go shopping.

Abiss ,the name that opens the doors in all industries .They are what I call the top of quality when we talk about furniture and homes .Just owning one of their items make you important .They always know how to make their customers happy ,they are the evidence that success exists in second life.So clap your hands for the wonderful Frasha Boa and Oggy Bonetto, the designers who brought reality in the virtual world.

Now lets talk a bit about this building named Fluctus.It’s actually a store building ,enough space for everything and some of the parts are modify so you can add your vendor picture ,store logo and anything else you need to have a wonderful store .As we got used it has an amazing texture .For sure it’s a must have.

It doesn’t have a lot of prims for the quality it offers ,so it’s a super great deal .And as I said before enough space for everything .You have the main room and 2 other “rooms”(can’t call them really rooms because they are not connected through a door) ,to rezz the rest of your things .

So what are you waiting for?Enjoy your time at Abiss, don’t forget to check their older houses and furniture too .They are the best. Xoxo Ama

-Store List-
Building: Fluctus –Abiss /Designer- Oggy Bonetto
Available at Abiss Mainstore

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