Glamorous Furniture//Al’Ol Brigida House

This house has been waiting for me to blog it for a long time .So since I’ve been more away then in the virtual world ,I took time to present it today on Glamorous Furniture .So are you ready to change your old house for this one?

First of all let me introduce you again the lovely store AL’OL. There is one thing that makes me love it more then anything else: they have many promotions .I never saw a home designer that offers so many promotions .That’s why they deserve our attention .And of course their designs is what I can quality.

So what about the home I have in the picture .It is named Brigida House and I can promise you that after buying this you won’t need anything else,simply because the place is furnished with breathtaking things .So as you can see you really have to get it .Not expensive at all and brings you everything.

What about the space?Well I can tell you ,there is enough place for everything you want. You have around 2 bedrooms ,one small and one large living room and of course a gorgeous yard with a spectacular Pool. As told to you this house offers everything you need.

I think that’s all for this home presentation .If you want to see more and discover Brigida House with your own eyes then just visit their mainstore .Take care , xoxo Ama

-Store List-
House: Al’Ol Brigida House– Al’Ol /Designer- Albertt Olkhovsky
Available at Al’Ol Mainstore

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