Glamorous Furniture//Serenity Glade Land

Hello Glamorous Furniture .Today we have something special here .I am talking about a “Land” presentation .That’s right looks like Platinum Prim got a new land for sale .So who is looking for a place to live or commercial parcel should definitely visit them .

With other 2 sim ,both of them almost full , Rhine Cain got a new one named Serenity Glade .I can tell you it’s one of my favorite .I can’t tell you how relaxing is everything here .Oh and don’t forget you can use it as a private home or as a commercial one .You have all possibilities with Platinum Prim.

The most important thing .How many prims?Well you can find parcels from 937 to 3750. You can pay monthly or weekly tier. And here comes my favorite part .You have all options :terraforming ,run scripts , Re-Sell the Land,Subdivide, Deed to a group,Rename the Lot ,Set your own media as you can see you are the owner of it.

Here is a link to the Platinum Website so you can see all the available lands ,price,and prims: . Enjoy it and hope to hear from you soon .Love you Ama

Visit the Officies and Renting Panel at Platinum Prim HeadQuarter


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