Glamorous Furniture//The Niko House by Abode

Hello Glamorous Furniture .I think I already finished the renovation of my apartment looks fabulous .Anyway this post is not to talk about my real life home ,is to present you a new gorgeous house I found .You know I am all for the style,as long as it looks good and it’s high quality then it can get posted on Glamorous Furniture.That’s why I took time to present you today one of the loveliest buildings I saw.. Get ready darlings.

First of all I want to welcome –Abode- on the Glamorous Furniture Blog .This is their first time on our page ,so congratulation for being near us. Aya Liotta is one of the sweetest designers I ever saw, I can tell you that she can help you any time you need .Her designs are breathtaking as you can see in the picture.

This lovely house is named -abode- The Niko Mediterranean Escape and is for sure a very relaxing place .Not to big ,not to small but it’s made with a lot of style .I can only imagine it on a beach ,drinking my coffee out there . It’s a dream I can tell you for sure.

It actually has 3 rooms ,all connected with the biggest one .You even have a small “balcony” where you can rezz your table to drink your morning tea, or coffee in my case .The texture is extremely quality like all Abode designers. I think that are enough reasons for you to visit their mainstore.

As you got used with me ,I included again a slurl for their mainstore .You need to see all their designs ,because all of them looks gorgeous .Don’t forget how much I love you my readers, take care .xoxoxo Ama

-Store List-
House: The Niko Mediterranean Escape –Abode- /Designer- Aya Liotta
Available at –Abode- Mainstore


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