Glamorous Furniture//{what next}Coastal Bedroom

It’s time for shopping my readers.And I am not kidding .I got for you a fantastic bed room set that you will fall in love with .It’s one of the most relaxing things ,and I am sure you all know how important is the bedroom in a house. It’s one of the most important things ,I always take care of it before anything else .So let me show you what I got for you.

I am sure you remember {what next} .They are as you got used a top store of furniture .You can find there almost anything you need to decorate your house. For sure you need to visit their mainstore and as you got used you have a slurl at store credits .Don’t forget to check old designs too they look fantastic.

Now let’s talk a bit about this bedroom named Coastal Cottage Bedroom .It has everything you need : bed , lamps,decorations ,wardrobe , Bedside Table and carpet .So for sure you won’t miss anything with this lovely design. And don’t forget that this will go brilliant with the set I presented yesterday from the same store.

So what are you waiting for?I said at the beginning that today is shopping time .So see you all at {what next} mainstore .Love you .xoxo Ama

-Store List-
Set: Coastal Cottage Bedroom – {what next} /Designer- Winter Thorn
Available at {what next} Mainstore


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