Glamorous Furniture //MorantiQue Curtains

Good Morning Glamorous Furniture .Again I was caught in some second life businesses in the past days that kept me away from blogging ,and I just came from the mountains where I met with my family .Anyway for today I prepared for you a set of curtains that I am sure you will love them .I can’t stop looking at them ,very high quality. In the same time I want to present you a new store on our collaboration list.

I am talking about MorantiQue owned by the fabulous designer Mo Miasma. Her store is for sure one of the top ,I love her designs especially because all of them are super quality . In the same time you shouldn’t forget that she designs some lovely jewelries too .So her mainstore really deserve our visit .

So let’s talk a bit about the curtains . They are a must have in every house if you want it to be elegant .This Morantique/Neoantiqua Curtains has something very special .You can activate the menu that will give you possibility to make it how you want .You can change the curtain or the drapes or the tassels .So as you can so you have a lot of combinations .It’s like a game of mix and match .Just find the one that fits your house the best .Oh and the best part is that it has only 15 prims ,I totally recommend you to get it.

Like I always do I included a slurl to the MorantiQue store .Just press it and teleport there . Hope to see you soon . Take care . xoxo Ama

-Store List-
Design : Morantique/Neoantiqua Curtains – Morantique /Designer- Mo Miasma
Available at Morantique Mainstore


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