Glamorous Furniture//Headhunter’s Open Bath

Hey guys. Today we are leaving the modern style and since it’s summer it’s time to travel on a fabulous island .Today’s furniture is made in the tiki style and is for sure something you must have .Probably one of the most relaxing designs I ever saw in second life .I would really love to spend my time there if I wouldn’t be so busy. Anyway I know you are curious to see more let’s pass over the introduction..

For this store it’s not the first time when they get blogged on glamorous furniture .Named Headhunter’s Island ,they create only tiki style furniture and buildings,but all of them looking extraordinary good .That’s why I recommend you all to teleport to his mainstore as soon as possible to discovery what high quality items means..

Named Open Bath Hut this small building is for sure the best place to relax. I already rezzed it near my house,and I am standing in the tube like all day long. I so love it ,and the texture and prim work is simply breathless . Eduardos Ducatillon really knows how to make a design look breathtaking.

The lounger is the perfect place to relax after the bath .With 10 poses included it will make all your dreams come true.For the bath animations just press the towels and enjoy it.In the same time you will get an Accessories set that includes low prims items to make the environment look amazing.

And don’t forget about the Shrunken heads ,a perfect design offered to you by Headhunter’s. They are a symbol of the tiki style,that for sure you must get .It really looks lovely ,a bit scarry but still perfect work.

So as you can see I included a slurl to their mainstore .That means is time for shopping .Take care until next time .xoxo Ama

-Store List-
Set: Open Bath Hut – Headhunter’s Island /Designer- Eduardos Ducatillon
Available at Headhunter’s Island Mainstore

Symbolic Piece: Shrunken heads – Headhunter’s Island /Designer- Eduardos Ducatillon
Available at Headhunter’s Island Mainstore

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