Glamorous Furniture//Wilfried Set by NSB

Hey my favorite readers .I was waiting for some fabulous new releases to present you,and looks like they already arrived .For today I brought to you one of the highest quality living room sets you ever saw.I am sure you will fall in love with it.It is one of my favorite designers in second life,and it’s always a honor for me to blog their amazing releases. Are you curious to see more?

First of all let me present you again and again NotSoBad. It is owned by the lovely Emilie Freund ,a fabulous designer who never stops to impress me. She is one of the avatars in second life who knows how to behave with people .Probably that’s one of the reasons and the high quality items that made NotSoBad famous during this time.

As I told you we got a fantastic new release from their store .It is a living room set named .:NsB:. WILFRIED. It comes with a breathtaking sofa,2 armchairs and one glass table. You will simply love it’s elegant style .I really recommend everyone to get this set .How many prims? 36 that’s really not a lot for this glamorous designer.

I have even more fantastic news. Wilfried comes with 5 single women/men poses and 5 couples poses. They all look extraordinary good .More then this when you sit on them you can select from the menu the change the color of the sit or the pillow .Here is the list of available colors: terracotta, camel ,coffee ,chocolate,snow,cream,sand,black,charcoal.silver,iceberg,azure,raspberry ,forest,anise,emerald,aubergine,cocoal,walnut,liliac,cherry,sun.

I hope now you will believe me when I will tell you that this new design by NotSoBad is a must have.I included a slurl from their mainstore ,just take a visit and don’t forget to look at their other first class items. Xoxox Ama

-Store List-

Set: .:NsB:. WILFRIED – NotSoBad/Designer-Emilie Freund
Available at NotSoBad Mainstore

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