Glamorous Furniture//Al’Ol Madison House

Good afternoon dear readers. I must tell you that I so love my furniture blog .I enjoy to blog new furniture releases,and more then this I simply adore to see you all reading my posts. As you can see I am blogging only high quality designs[ I am saying this in every post -.-“ ] so for today I got another fantastic house .Looks like in the past weeks we had a lot of buildings here .So are you ready to see what I call true high quality?

First of all let me introduce you a new store on my collaboration list .It is Al’Ol and it is owned by Albertt Olkhovsky. They create some extraordinary good looking homes,that everyone should take a look at .What I love the most is their unique style of designing .They bring style in the virtual world .Their homes are made in such way that everyone will fall in love with .

Today I got on the blog this 2 floor house named Al’Ol Madison House.It’s a 690 prims – 50 x 52m house ,that for sure will make your dreams come true.The first thing you will realize when you will rezz it is the extraordinary style ,very elegant .And of course the texture of the walls is breathtaking too.

I must tell you that you have enough space for everything here .There are a lot of rooms at the both floors ,so there won’t be problem with the space .More then this you can see that in the bathroom you already have the tub rezzed. And in the living room you have an small waterfall to give the environment a better look.

And here comes my favorite part of the entire house. The outdoor .You actually have there 2 pools,one at the first floor and another at the second floor.That’s why I call this home so stylish.The 2 pools are connected through a waterfall ,that make your home look very original .Oh and of course the sunbathing chair and umbrella are already rezzed .So it’s time for fun right?

I told you that the Al’Ol Madison House is something you must buy .That’s why I included in the store credits part,a slurl to their mainstore .Just press it and teleport to the store .Don’t forget to look for their other homes too ,because we all know how great they are .Take care until next time ,xoxo Ama

-Store List-
House: Al’Ol Madison House – Al’Ol /Designer- Albertt Olkhovsky
Available at Al’Ol Mainstore


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