Glamorous Furniture //For your Bunny by NSB

Hello Glamorous Furniture .How is everybody today? Tomorrow is the big day,I am leaving with my boyfriend in Europe so I won’t be able to blog for one week .Anyway I got for you something you will simply love so so much .It’s the new game of second life,and this furniture fit it so good.

NotSoBad are pro furniture designers in second life .As you got used ,I love to blog them because every new release becomes something that all the virtual world needs. They make one of the highest quality things I ever saw.For sure you must check their mainstore,you won’t regret.

So as I told you I have got for today some furniture for your bunnies. Yap furniture for your Ozimals bunnies.First I have for you the lovely .:NsB:. MOPSY Bunny Hutch. You can’t miss the .:NsB:. BUNNY Basket it will fit perfect inside .Even if I am not one of the girls who use ozimals bunnies this furniture made me think if should get one .Isn’t it so great?

As I said I have 2 homes for you and for your pet. The next one is more is made in a more home style .Named .:NsB:. GISPY Bunny Hutch is another design that you can’t miss from their store .That high quality really makes me get madly in love with it .And of course you can open the door to see inside it too .Lovely right?

If you are still asking yourself what Is Ozimals ,then let me tell you .At the moment it is one of the most popular second life games. You need to buy a bunny from their mainstore ,and then feed it ,play with it, take care of it and have fun .This bunny makes almost everything you wanted.A lot of fun ,it’s like owning an intelligent second life pet .In the pictures above I had the chance to use one of their bunnies too ,named Carlie .Looks like this one will get far..will become a store soon haha.So if you didn’t visit yet their mainstore you really should,you will love it a lot.

So guys ,looks like it’s time for some shopping .NotSoBad and Ozimals are on your list today .Check NSB for high quality furniture ,and for the small homes presented in the pictures above ,and ozimals for getting a bunny .I hope all of you will have a fantastic week,I can’t believe I am not going to blog so long .I will miss you all ,take mega care . xoxoxoxoxoxoxox Ama

-Store List-
Bunny House: GISPY Bunny Hutch – NotSoBad/Designer-Emilie Freund
Available at NotSoBad Mainstore

Bunny House: MOPSY Bunny Hutch – NotSoBad/Designer-Emilie Freund
Available at NotSoBad Mainstore

Basket: BUNNY Basket – NotSoBad/Designer-Emilie Freund
Available at NotSoBad Mainstore

If you want to get a bunny too ,then you should visit Ozimals Mainstore .They have all you need


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