Glamorous Furniture//Love Wrecked Raft

Hello Glamorous Furniture .Good and bad news too .The good news ..i have a fabulous furniture presentation for you bad news I am leaving for one week this Wednesday around Europe so won’t be able to post at all during this time.But anyway let’s be happy that we still have one more day of blogging right?

Today’s designer is Harry Quijote. I am sure you remember him from that big home card,as he was the designer. He create some really fabulous stuffs and today he shows us how good he is when we talk about furniture too ,not just at buildings. Let me tell you something about the design for today.

As you can see it is a Raft. Named “Love Wrecked” is for sure something you must own . It comes with adult version too ,so you can actually have some fun on it too *lmao*.Oh and by the way the texture and poses are incredible. I would spend all my day on this raft I would have got time.

So I think is shopping time today too *hehe* .Just press the slurl from the store credits and enjoy buying this fantastic design .Take care until next time .xoxo Ama

-Store List-
House: ‘Love Wrecked’ Raft– Harry’s House/Designer- Harry Quijote
Available at Harry’s Houses & Design Creations Mainstore


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