Glamorous Furniture//San Juan Mansion

I promised you daily furniture and home presentations .And you know you can always thrust me .So I am back on the glamorous furniture blog ready to present you one of the biggest house I ever saw .High quality it’s written on it *hehe*.You can be sure that after you read this post you will want it so much on your land ,or in your sky* hehe*.Should we go on?

First of all I want to introduce you the store who made this house.It is HARRY’S HOUSES & DESIGN CREATIONS owned by Harry Quijote.He create some fantastic homes and furniture at his mainstore .So for sure you need to visit it .You won’t lose anything , I promise*hehe*.

Ok now let’s get back to our business and give me the chance to talk about this fantastic house.It is named San Juan Mansion and is a three floor home .I told you it’s very big,but really unique .And the texture like we got used it’s fantastic.It will fit perfect on your land if you want to live like a princess/prince in second life .

Now let me present you the floors.We will start with the ground floor. Here you can find a game room ,that is actually a space where you can rezz different games.My favorite is the home theatre,I am sure you want to enjoy a movie with your friends here.We have a wine celler,bedroom ,garage ,a small pond with a waterfall [I love to rezz my living room here]and a patio deck.

Let’s go to the main floor.First of all we have that fabulous entrance in the house.We have a room to rezz our kitchen,large dinning room, family room,a bigger place where you can rezz your living room.And here comes my favorite part .If you got this house you won’t need a pool ,because you can find one inside .And do you know what is the best part that you have the sauna included too .Now you can really relax in your personal home made by Harry’s Houses & Design .

And now we go to the last floor.Looks like here we have very big 5 bedrooms.As you can see you can bring all your friends in this houe.I think everybody want’s this.One master bedroom that comes with nursery and personal bathroom.4 of the bedrooms have access to the balcony too.And the best part you have a roof terrace where you can enjoy your morning coffee.

There is one thing I love so so much at the San Juan Mansion : the entrance .It is very elegant ,and the best part is that you have a mailbox too .Your friends simply have to drop a notecard in it and for sure you will get it .And I mustn’t forget about the ring bell .They can press it and it will announce you that someone is in fron your house. Cool right?

You even have some furniture included in this house. The bathroom looks incredible: toilet,skin,shower,bath everything is included in it.And you still home some extra decorations for your house like the sauna,the pool or the pond with the waterfall .I know you want it.

And the last things you should know about this house.It comes with house control system so you can close and open your doors or tint the windows.You have a teleport system ,so you can move faster in the house.And the last one a very realistic fireplace ,as we all need one if we want our house to look fantastic.

So I think that would be all about the San Juan Mansion .Now is your turn to visit Harry’s mainstore and look for this fantastic creation.You will want it believe me .Take care ,xoxo Ama

-Store List-
House: San Juan Mansion – Harry’s House/Designer- Harry Quijote
Available at Harry’s Houses & Design Creations Mainstore


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