Glamorous Furniture//The Ashford House

Today’s home presentation is for sure one of the best I ever made .And I took care that you won’t get blogged,so I make this card very long .A lot of text,a lot of picture ,a lot of details about this. Believe me you will simply fall in love with it.Especially since this home is mine and patty’s house at Glance Style Sim. Let me show you more..

First of all let me present you the designer .It is Quantum Destiny,and without any doubts it is one of second life best home designer.If you are looking for a big high quality mansion ,his store should be your first stop. He is simply the best. You will fall in love with it’s texture and with the house style.Let me show you what I got for you for today.

This fabulous house is named “The Ashford” and I am honestly telling you that I never saw something that look so good. I am using it as my own house,where I live with patty cortes on the glance style sim. We both enjoy it so much .It’s really fantastic,as I said quantum knows how to design first class homes.

When we talk about houses the first question is “How many rooms it has?”.Well as I said this home is big .At the first floor you have 4 rooms ,and outside pool.At the second floor you have 3 bedroom and 3 bathrooms.Really unbelievable how good the Ashford house looks.

The next thing would be to take a bit about the rooms. So let’s start with the first floor. You should know that this home comes with a garage too .So I thing is time for you to get a car * hehe*. The Living Room is simply gorgeous .I love to spend all my day there.By the way ,I should tell you that this house is semi furnitured. .The kitchen is decorate .You just have to rezz a dinning table and everything will look fabulous. In the same time at the first floor you have a very big room too ,that I like to call it meeting room .But of course you can make what you want from that room. The pool is so good looking .You will adore to sunbathe there .That’s why it is recommended to rezz this house on the land and not in the the pool looks better.But I must tell you that I have it in the sky and it still looks fantastic.

Ok now let’s get to the second floor.This is the place where I like to set up my bedrooms .3 lovely rooms waiting for you .All of them have balcony too ,so you can rezz your wood table and enjoy your morning coffee there. In the same time every room has it’s own bathroom .I have great news : the bathroom is furnished .It comes with sinks, baths and showers. All looking so fantastic .I really feel like a princess when I take a bath *hehe*

If you press the windows a menu will come up.Then you can chose open ,close or shade.Depends on how you want.And you can set it to be used by anyone .As you see you are your own boss when getting this house.

The same thing with the doors too .As Quantum told me ,they are powered by AeonVox Door v1.03.00. Just click the door to open it or close it.In the hall you have a control panel which you can use for doors settings.Fantastic.

Even some of the furniture in the house are scripted. The fridge for example .You can open it ,press it and will get a menu of available foods .If you press the shower or bath you get a menu with the animations.Pressing the sink will activate the water[it has sound too].So this home is for sure a must have.

Ok so I think it’s your turn to visit Quantum Destiny mainstore .He is really one of second life top home designers.For sure you must look for this house named the Ashford. You will madly fall in love with it .Take care until next time .xoxo Ama

-Store List-
House: The Ashford – Quantum Destiny /Designer- Quantum Destiny
Available at Quantum Destiny Mainstore

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