Glamorous Furniture//Tiki Style Furniture

Hello-Hello Glamorous Furniture .How are you today? Finally it rained today,after days of hot mornings .This really makes me feel so good. I’ve got for you for today a fabulous tiki style furniture .Believe me you will love this. Want to see more pictures,and read more information about it?Press “Continue Reading”..

Today we meet Headhunter’s Island ,they are fantastic when we talk about tiki style furniture. Even if they don’t release a lot of things,for sure the one they design look fantastic. For sure when visiting their mainstore ,you will really feel like summer came in the virtual world too.

This set is named BARCELONA-TIKI furniture ,and is for sure a must have.I managed to talk with Eduardos Ducatillon ,and he gave me some details about it. It looks like this set is a redesign of the famous Barcelona Chairs from 20th century,designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.But of course there is a difference,since Eduardos doesn’t copy reality,he simply gets inspiration for it. He redesigned this fabulous stuff,in the virtual world but in the headhunder’s tiki style. Really fantastic.

So what do you think about this?^^ I am sure it deserves our attention ,so please press the slurl from the store credits and enjoy your time at their mainstore .Take mega care .xoxo Ama

-Store List-
Set: BARCELONA-TIKI – Headhunter’s Island /Designer- Eduardos Ducatillon
Available at Headhunter’s Island Mainstore


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