Glamorous Furniture//Depoz Uptown Downtown Set

Omg fantastic weekend .Long time since I had a party like this one .You can imagine that didn’t sleep since yesterday at 2 pm haha ,so I am going to bed in the next minutes. But before I leave everything ,I wanted to finish the day with a fabulous kitchen post .Let’s see what I have for you today.

I am sure you remember Depoz. They got blogged yesterday too ,with a fabulous kitchen. Today they are returning with the same thing just in a different style. Depoz is well known in second life ,as they are one of the furniture designers who started their company in 2004.

As I said yesterday we had a kitchen from their store .Today they came back with same thing,but in a different style.It is named Uptown Downtown ,and it’s a bit darker then the one from yesterday post .But same as the other one you can customize everything and make it how you want .The best thing at this kitchen are the pose. They are stunning .I so love to sit on the cushion and read the newspaper. More then this when you have this set in your home ,even cleaning the dishes is a pleasure .

So as you can see from the words I wrote above,the Uptown Downtown kitchen set is for sure a must have in the inventory and in the house. In the same time don’t forget to take a look at yesterday’s post too. Take care. Xoxo Ama.

-Store List-
Kitchen: Uptown Downtown Set–Depoz /Designer- Mash Mandala
Available at Depoz Mainstore


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