Glamorous Furniture//Depoz Sheer Elegance Kitchen

Finally Sunday.Today I won’t be in second life at all .Going to the club,and then to a friend to drink vodka* haha ,yes that will be a lot of fun*.So I won’t be home before 10 am. Anyway I took time today to present you a fantastic kitchen that will leave you speechless. Top designer in second life opens it’s door for us .Are you prepared to see what you must have in your house?Are you ready to see what true high quality means?If the answer is yes then press “Continue Reading”

It’s not Depoz first time on the blog ,but I am sure this kitchen will make you love them more then any other designed by them. They are in the virtual world since January 2004,and at this time they became one of second life’s strongest furniture company ever.Six sims with fabulous designs .That means we are going to shop a lot today.

So let’s talk a bit about the kitchen .The first thing you should know is the name: Sheer Elegance. As the name says it’s a really elegant kitchen. I usually don’t spend to much time cooking [ I hate it *blushes* ] ,but I would enjoy to drink my coffee in such a fabulous room.The texture is so great,you have that feeling that everything is real*hehe*.

It’s so easy to use this kitchen.You can open the fridge door,you have animations for the sink, gas range , Bar Stool almost everything .And the best part is that you can change the texture of the entire kitchen. You can make it how you always wanted. This kitchen is for sure something you need in your house. Even the microwave if you press it you can choose to get a pizza or popcorn .Isn’t that cool?

So what are you waiting for?Depoz is for sure waiting for your visit. And you need to see their designs ,as they are one of second life’s best .That’s why I love my job so much ,I have the chance to must a lot of designers. Take care at their mainstore . xoxo Ama

-Store List-
Kitchen: Sheer Elegance Set–Depoz /Designer- Mash Mandala
Available at Depoz Mainstore

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