Glamorous Furniture//NotSoBad Aspen Set

I really hope no one is sleeping at this time,because I have some of the best ever new releases. I hope you all know that I am not kidding when I say”the best” because this new release made by NotSoBad is for sure a must have for this summer . Can’t wait to tell you more about it…

Notsobad is for sure second life’s elite furniture designer . If I could I would decorate my entire home with their designs. They are simply the best. High quality furniture,lovely styles, very nice staff that’s what makes this store so special .+hard working people .

Anyway as I said let’s talk a bit about this new release. As you can see it’s an outdoor set ,wearing the name of Aspen Set .Since the first time I saw it ,I knew it has to get on the Glamorous Furniture Blog.This fabulous set comes together with 2 sunbathing chairs,1 table and one sun umbrella all of them made with very realistic texture.That’s one of the reasons why I love the aspen set so much,perfect work.

But there is one more thing you should know about it. It has a color change version. I used in the picture the table as an example to show you all the available colors. Now it will be even easier to fit it with the environment ,and to make it how you desire.NotSoBad is always thinking at us ,and how to make our virtual life easier.

So what you say? Am I right ?You for sure need this outdoor set. It will go so good near your pool,or in your yard. Enjoy the time spent at their mainstore,you will simply love them .xoxo Ama

-Store List-
Outdoor: Aspen Set – NotSoBad/Designer-Emilie Freund
Available at NotSoBad Mainstore

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