Glamorous Furniture// Abiss New Chorale Tub

It’s so hot outside,I just came from the pool .You know I am a girl and I love sunbathing . Anyway when I arrived home I knew it’s time to present you this fabulous new hot tube ,that for sure will fit fantastic in your house. And as you know I always present only high quality stuffs on the glamorous furniture blog. I hope you will enjoy this new design as much as I already did..

Just simply telling you that it was designed by Abiss,will make you want it. They are one of second life’s top furniture designer .For sure they know how to make furniture look so real. Every new release is a must have,and when they announce a new design all the virtual world goes crazy*hehe*. Personally I am a super big fan of them,and always enjoy talking with Frasha Boa( the designer of the store) . You shouldn’t wait any longer,it’s time for you to visit the Abiss Mainstore.

I know you are super curious to hear more about what we have in the picture .It is the newest design by the store named Chorale Tub. No doubts that this is the perfect place to relax while you are in the virtual world. And the best part is that you can change the texture [as shown in the pictures]to fit with the place where you will rezz it .Like we got used,it comes with some fantastic animations: 13 different sit animations and 58 cuddle & intimacy .And you can activate or deactivate the jet and the steam. For sure the Chorale Tub is a must have.

If you enjoyed this furniture presentation,then press the slurl from the store credits and shop as much as you can .Abiss is a top designer in second life,and as I said this tub is something you really need in your home .Until next time take care. Xoxo Ama

-Store List-
HotTub: Chorale Tub –Abiss /Designer- Frasha Boa
Available at Abiss Mainstore

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