Glamorous Furniture//NotSoBad Carlotta Bathroom

Hello guys *xoxo*. I am here ,and I really hope you enjoyed my last posts because it looks like this week we are going to have a lot of new releases. And you know that all the new stuffs that I blog are high qualities. So I think this will be the best time to get a cup of coffee ,close your door and enter the world of glamorous furniture .Big designer and first class stuffs waiting for you today…

I think everybody knows NotSoBad store .They are for sure my favorite when we talk about second life furniture. They never stop to amaze me,and the thing that makes them so original is the way they are playing with the prims and texture .They are simply bringing the real world in second life. And of course Emilie Freund is one of the sweetest designers I ever met in second life .For sure her store deserves our total attention.

There are so many thing you can do in second life.First of them would be to own a home ,and to have a happy family .But probably one of the hardest things to decorate in your house would be your bath,because not to many furniture designers are actually designing this kind of things .But you know once you find the perfect store the problem is solved for sure .Great news ,I already did that at NotSoBad.

In the picture I am presenting you the “CARLOTTA” bath ,that for sure at the moment is one of my favorite sets from their store .They’ve been a lot on our blog in the past weeks ,but it’s always a pleasure to have them back.The set includes the bath,shower,sink and shelves all together for 40 prims. And of course you have the water on and off option so you can relax even more in the virtual world. Who said you can’t have a perfect bath even if it’s not real?Emilie proved us …you can.

I really hope you liked this new release,especially because a lot other news from the same store are coming in the next days. And I must confess you that I know how much the NotSoBad team are working for making second life furniture better everyday .We can’t avoid them. So you’d better press the slurl at the store credits and shop like you never did before .You know you love them .

-Store List-
Bathroom: Carlotta – NotSoBad/Designer-Emilie Freund
Available at NotSoBad Mainstore

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