Glamorous Furniture // DD Palm Tree

Hello guys how are you today?*big hugs and kisses* .I can’t believe how hot is outside ,for sure is time for sunbathing but looks like I am a bit too busy today. Instead of that I would prefer to teleport myself to this lovely palm tree and relax on this perfect rug. Of course that’s only in second life *hehe* as in real life I am going to meet an old friend, drink vodka ,smoke one-two cigarette and listen to thousands of gossips(that’s a girl life at the end right?) .If you want to read and see more pictures of the fabulous design just press the “Continue Reading”.

A thing that makes me fall in love with the Digital Dream store is the fabulous prim work they are doing .Every new release is a must have for sure .And plus they are extremely original ,they always try to impress with their talent. Ray Zymurgy has some lovely designs at his mainstore that for sure deserves our attention .So please don’t forget to visit his mainstore after you read this furniture presentation.

So let’s talk a bit about that breathtaking palm tree we have in the picture .The set is named *DD* Cuddle Palm Tree 2 and if you are planning for a day to relax with your friends you will need it for sure. One of the best things at it are the poses. They are stunning . Oh and I can tell you how much I love to smoke a cigarette while listening to gossips *hehe* .More then this in the menu you have poses both for single and couples too .You can even read a book under the tree. And should I even tell you that the texture of the rug is speechless?

I think is time for you to go summer shopping .And the first place to take a look at is for sure Digital Dream. Just search for this lovely furniture at their mainstore. Believe me it’s always a pleasure to spend your time there .Until next time xoxo Ama.

-Store List-
Set: Cuddle Palm Tree 2 –Digital Dream /Designer- Ray Zymurgy
Available at Digital Dream Mainstore


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