Glamorous Furniture//NotSoBad Bocci Set

It was a really busy week from me : shopping ,new gossips ,work ,friends b-day ,time with my as you can see i had alot of things for this week .But i must confess you that i didn’t forget to look for some new furniture for you .And actually i got something from one of second life’s furniture top designer. Are you ready to be impressed? Then just press the “Continue Reading” button.

Let me introduce you Not So Bad store (as known as NSB). It’s not their first time on the blog ,but for sure you can see that each time they get better and better .This new release prove us how glamorous they are ,their designs are simply fabulous .I totally recommend you all to visit their mainstore ,as they hide their some incredible things that you might like for your home.

This new release is actually a living room set named “::NSB::-Bocci” .It includes a sofa ,2 armchairs and a footstool chair. Probably the shadow and the texture are the things that makes this set looks so real .I think we got used with their high quality designing style. And you must take a look at the poses from the armchair ,they are one of the best i saw in a furniture .They never stop to amaze me.

Maybe you are asking yourself ” I need it in another color” .Good news : in the menu you have the appearance menu where you can select some incredible colors .It will automatically change the texture to the desired color .You will find there: Azure , Camel , Moka, Forest, Black, Silver,Snow , Raspberry ,Emerald ,Anise, Iceberg, Cherry, Aubergine and Sun .All of them are first class of course.

If you found this furniture something you must have in your house ,then i will advice you to use the slurl from the store list and go shopping .I think everybody knows that new things in your house will make you happy .Enjoy your day until next post^^

-Store List-
Living Room : Bocci – NotSoBad/Designer-Emilie Freund
Available at NotSoBad Mainstore


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