Glamorous Furniture//Abiss Klatno House

You can’t believe how much I missed going shopping for homes. I am in love with houses and furniture,at the end that’s why I opened a blog about it,right? Anyway I am back today with a fabulous high class home that will let you speechless. Believe me ,this is a must have …

I think there is no need of any introductions. From the style it is designed,and the first class texture you can realize that the designer is the fabulous team of Abiss Homes. You must check their mainstore,because they hide there some of the most glamorous houses you ever saw.

Here comes the part I love the most .Let’s talk a bit about the prefab in the pictures,named Abiss Klatno House *reworked. There is one thing I love a lot at their designes, you always have a lot of space. Oh and of course the pool is something you will simply fall in love with.

When you enter the home you will see that it is actually a 2 floor house.Upstairs you have a huge room and downstairs 2 good looking places to rezz you stuffs. Of course I recommend you to get your bedroom upstairs,will look a lot better.

Don’t forget the name : Abiss Klatno House.You know what that means?We are going shopping at Abiss*yupi*.Enjoy your day until next time when I will be back with other incredible new releases.

-Store List-
House: Klatno House –Abiss /Designer- Oggy Bonetto
Available at Abiss Mainstore


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