Glamorous Furniture//Depoz New Bathroom

I must tell you all that I am extremely sorry that I was so much away from the blog . Real life businesses kept me away from you and from posting new releases. But do you know what’s the best in all of this? I managed to get some days and prepare something you will love, more then this .. something you will need . If you are curious to hear more continue reading the presentation.

First of all I must remind you who Depoz is .They are maybe one of the oldest second life furniture designers, the store was opened in January 2004. So as you can see they have a pretty long career. You can find their mainstore on 6 different sims ,all providing you high quality designs.

Maybe you are asking what we have in the pictures.It is actually a bathroom ,that made me want it in my house so much since the first time I saw it. It is named Romantique Collection~Touch Of Class ~ Complete Bathroom Set and there is no doubts that this is a must have in your house.

The bath tub is maybe one of the most elegant design in this set . Oh should I tell you that it comes with some incredible poses. As you can see this set will make you feel like an extremely rich queen . Even the toilet is carefully made so it looks fabulous with the set. I spend a lot of time in the mirror and now I can finally have my virtual mirror. The skin comes with “Fill “ or “Empty” Option .Isn’t this amazing?

If you liked what you saw ,for sure you must get it .I promise you won’t regret anything .So press the search button and look for depoz .Oh and by the way don’t forget to watch for new releases , they always amaze us with their designs. Until next presentation , I hope you will all shop a lot <3.

-Store List-
Set :Touch Of Class ~ Complete Bathroom Set –Depoz /Designer- Mash Mandala
Available at Depoz Mainstore

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