Glamorous Furniture//Abiss Tanto Dinning Set

One of the things I love the most in the furniture designer world is new releases. I feel so good when I get a new designed thing for blogging, I feel like I have the right things to show you.More then this when we realize that it is actually a high quality design we get mad after it and want it as fast as possible in our inventory.That’s exactly what I have for you today.So press the read more button to see more pictures and more information about it.

It is enough just to look at the pictures and you know who designed it. Well known store Abiss comes today with a fabulous design that for sure you must have it in your dinning room.They are well known for high quality texture and this design is just an example of how good they are.Anyway since you already know who designed it let’s talk a bit about it too.

I usually take the pictures in my studio,but this is an exception .I felt so in love with it that I rezzed it in my personally house and take the pictures from there.First thing you should know is that the new release is named Abiss Interior – Tanto Dining Set and at the moment is the best fit for a virtual dinning room.

What makes this new release so special?First of all the style is so glamorous and the texture is really WOW. You have 2 kind of tables : one for 6 people and a special one for 2 [I find this one very romantic ] .You can even chose the color of the table or the texture of the cloth ,that really makes your job easier when you want to fit it with the room .Of course like all dinning room sets you have to get the chairs too.So many colors ready for you to get them ,and like we got used all of them looks really great. You find there a lacquer version of the colors and a leather version too. Oh and I almost forgot,I know that sex is important in the virtual life too.You can actually get a menu with some sex poses by pressing under the table.Now you can see what means really high quality stuffs.

I think this are enough evidences so you can realize that Abiss is in the top.For sure the Tanto Dinning Set is a must have in your inventory.You know what that means?Today we go shopping .Don’t forget to check all their designs as they are extremely nice designs.

-Store List-
Set: Tanto Dining Set –Abiss /Designer- Frasha Boa
Available as a new release Abiss Mainstore

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