Glamorous Furniture//ECD-Monaco Living Room

I so love the Victorian inspired furniture.They give the whole house a luxurious style .And do you know what is the perfect place in the house to decorate it with Victorian things? The living room,because that’s the place what most of our guests want to see.It’s the heart of the entire home.So I will give you some tricks today about decorating the living room.Follow me for more details and pictures.

The first thing you should know is some details about the store from where I got the furniture in the picture .It is named ELITE COUTURE DESIGNS [ECD] and they are the soul of perfect prims and high quality textures.You must visit their store to convince yourself how good they are .They have almost all kind of furniture ready for you to bring them in your house.

Anyway let’s talk a bit about the living room presented in the pictures. I am in love with red ,even when we talk about fashion red is the color that makes me look glamorous , and that’s why I chose for today the gorgeous ECD Monaco Red Living room set.The set comes with a fantastic sofa[21 prims] ,2 very Victorian inspired chair ready to bring your room a even better look [11 each of them] ,a coffee table as everyone must have one[7 prims],2 plants to give your room a more interesting style[each 2 prims],2 side tables [each 7 prims],2 vases as decorations are very important[1 prim each] and of course a lovely carpet to fit the entire style[1 prims].So who said that you can decorate your room with just 71 prims was wrong. ECD showed us that we can and it even looks fantastic.

So if you liked today’s stuffs I totally recommend you to press the search button and teleport to the Elite Couture Designs store .They are the paradise of furniture .Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow with new things,until then have a lovely day and good luck with shopping^^

-Store List-
Set: Monaco Red Living room –ECD/Designer- by Omar Xevion
Available at ECD Mainstore


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