Glamorous Furniture//Zandvoort Beach House

Hello everyone.Big hugs for everyone and so sorry for being away from you this days is just that I have some exams going on in real life .Anyway I had enough time to make this home presentation that will let you speechless. So let’s see what’s the best beach house ever.

First of all you must visit Dutchie Furniture & Homes store owned by Froukje Hoorenbeek.She is the designer of today’s lovely house and in the same time at her store you will find out what true high quality stuffs are. Since I teleported to her store I knew she had to get on the Glamorous Furniture/Houses blog.

Let’s talk a bit about the beach house too as I know is the most interesting thing. The first think you should know about it is the name , Zandvoort. Like all the stuffs I present on the blog it is a must have on your land because of it’s fabulous style.For sure you can see how much work if needed to create something like this.But Froukje did it.

It is a 2 room house ,that fits the best on a beach sim. On the first floor you have a lovely living room where you can relax with your friends and a small kitchen to drink your tea and coffee every morning.On the second floor you have a bedroom that will remind you of that lovely mornings on the beach and a bathroom .As you can see you have here everything.

Now if someone says you shouldn’t get a beach house,he/she is wrong.Dutchie store is one of the best in designing houses ,and the Zandvoort for sure is a must have in everyone inventory. So my advice for you is to run to their store as fast as you can. And of course I won’t forget to wish you good luck with shopping .See you next time.

-Store List-
House: Zandvoort – Dutchie /Designer- by Froukje Hoorenbeek
Available at Dutchie Mainstore


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