Glamorous Furniture//reBourne Toronto Heights

Hello my fabulous readers. Did you miss me?Because I missed all of you a lot.I am so happy to be back here today and present you a unique and high quality home.You know how much I love new releases,and if you do the same this presentation will be a must read for you.So enough for the introduction let me show you my favorite part.

Do you remember reBourne store?I am sure you do since I love to blog their creations.They create one of the most high quality homes around the virtual world and every new release is a top designer.Since the first time I met them and they showed me their houses I knew they are very good,and this house will prove it to you too.

I had the chance to see it with some weeks before release date ,before it was finished and I was more then sure it will be a success. Named reBourne Toronto Heights ,it is a must have on your sim.You will will how they played with the texture,that of course is high quality.Like always they are bringing real life effect in the virtual world.I rezzed it in my studio and believe me that I can’t delete it anymore,I so love it.Another thing that makes this home so special is the menu that gives you the possibility to change the wall color and turn things on & off. I know how much they worked on that and the result must be incredible.

Even if it doesn’t look so so big, inside it is a paradise. So many rooms to rezz your stuffs,for sure will make you feel like a VIP.Another thing that I adore is the pool,as it’s one of my favorite things to sunbathe in the swimming pool.They even made a bigger step in their career.You can get the furniture sets perfect matched for this house from Corn Mainstore,owner and designer Cornelius Sloat. But everyone knows that you can’t have anything until you get this house.

I am sure you got used with me.I always present you unique and high quality homes/furniture on the blog,and you should know that the Toronto Heights is a must have.So press the search button and tp to reBourne mainstore as fast as you can..Until next time I wish good luck shopping.

-Store List-
House: Toronto Heights – reBourne /Designer- Danny Bourne
Available at reBourne Mainstore

Visit the Toronto Heights Rezzed Location

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