Glamorous Furniture//Thistle Garden House

Hello my favorite readers .I hope you enjoyed the last home presentation because for today I have something new that will make you fall in love with it.I will teach you how to give you garden a even better look with this.So if you are curious to see what we have for today I would recommend you continuing reading.

First of all I want to introduce you the store named Thistle ,and designer Liz Gealach. They create some amazing houses ,and this one presentation in the pictures is just a preview.You can see with how much love she creates her designs ,and for sure she deservers your visit.

Now let’s talk a bit about the home presented. It is named “Thistle Garden House” and I am sure you already realized that the best place to rezz it is in your garden.I am super in love with the fireplace ,makes it so relaxing. Just imagine how outside is raining and you sit inside this lovely garden house in front of the fireplace .Another thing that makes it so special are the walls.You can change the texture of both interior and exterior wall.

So if you didn’t visit Thistle mainstore until now I totally recommend you to do that. As I said before you will find some fabulous designs there ,and everyone knows that you won’t lose anything if you visit.Until next time I wish you all a incredible day and good luck with shopping.

-Store List-
House: Thistle Garden House – Thistle /Designer- Liz Gealach
Available at Thistle Mainstore

One thought on “Glamorous Furniture//Thistle Garden House

  1. Tippy Wingtips

    What a lovely review of this delightful Garden House! I can’t wait to place mine in my garden and decorate it! Liz is an extraordinary builder and her textures and creativity make my SL home the only place I want to be.

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