Glamorous Furniture//Abiss Triomino House

Looks like someone is going to visit me today,but before that I had the chance to create and post this fabulous home presentation.I know that most of time I show you furniture ,but maybe as you know I have some houses ready to get publicity too .So actually todays’ furniture card will be a house presentation .I know you are already curious to see what is all about so join me and I will show you everything.

I think everyone in second life knows Abiss. They are the first class furniture designers. The fantastic part is that they have a lot of houses ready for you to go shopping. I know that Oggy Bonetto spends hours trying to create the perfect luxurious home in the virtual world.Big congratulations for her because she did it.

So what I have today here is an abiss home named Triomino. I find it one of the best designs she made .Even if it doesn’t have a pool ,the way it is build makes me find this place the most relaxing.At the end that’s the feeling we are looking for,to feel like you are home even on the internet. It is a 2 floor house ,that has a breathtaking living. I can’t believe it actually comes with that super good looking fireplace.

Like all Abiss houses they are not interested in creating thousands of small rooms,they care big rooms where you can have a fantastic party or just feel like you own a luxurious house.The Triomino home has approximately 263 prims ,but believe me is a must have.The floor and wall texture are perfectly created.

So if you didn’t visit Abiss homes you should do it fast.Don’t forget they have luxurious furniture too.That’s why Abiss is the best ,and that’s what makes me so proud of presenting this amazing house.Like always I wish you all good luck with shopping.

-Store List-
House: Triomino –Abiss /Designer- Oggy Bonetto
Available at Abiss Mainstore


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