Glamorous Furniture//reBourne London Soho

Good afternoon everone.After a long rain yesterday ,here is the sun today.And I am back to the blog to present you a wonderful home.Is something that will make you crazy after it,it’s for sure a must have too.Just follow the pictures and the text and for sure you will know everything about this.

Like always I never forget to introduce you the store who create the wonderful home presented today on the glamorous furniture blog.They were on the blog some days ago and now they are back.Named reBourne , Danny Bourne and his partner Suite Sella for sure represents one of the most high quality home designers around the virtual world. I am so proud to be able to present you today one of their fabulous creations.

Let’s talk a bit about what we have here.We all want to live in Paris,Los Angeles,London,New york etc.Today I will present you the super cute London Soho designed by reBourne.As you can see it isn’t made in that very glamorous style like most of home are.It has something different ,is more that kind of home from the periphery.You won’t discover how beautiful it is until you open the door.

This is actually a 2 floor house so you have enough space for everything.You even got a lovely balcony where you can relax in your free time.Inside the home is a paradise .Perfect floor and wall texture that brings reality in the virtual world.And here comes the best part. Downstairs you have the fabulous underground that actually represents a metro station .This is what makes me like it so much.They are not interested just in the home,they carefully work with the environment too.

So if you didn’t visit reBourne store until now don’t forget to do it.They are for sure one of my favorite in home designing ,and this presentation is just a preview of how good they are when we talk about houses.Like always have a lovely life in London and don’t forget to shop as much as you can !

-Store List-
House: London Soho –reBourne /Designer- Danny Bourne
Available at reBourne Mainstore

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