Glamorous Furniture//Studio F for Your Baby

Hello darlings.Today I feel like I have to buy a new baby room and I think I already found the perfect one.Before I decide about the color I want to present it to you ,as today’s furniture presentation. So please take a sit on your comfortable chair ,take a glass of pepsi [as it is my favorite] and let’s see what lovely furniture I have here.

Like always I want to welcome to the Glamorous Furniture Blog the fabulous store “Studio F”. Designed by Fiery Ember ,I can tell you they create some incredible good looking furniture like the one presented in the pictures. When I first met them I was super impressed by Fiery’s very lovely behavior .So I can tell you if you didn’t visit her store, you don’t know what breathtaking is.

Now let’s talk a bit about the furniture.How you can see they are baby’s room .The thing I love the most is that you can get it in 3 different colors : Studio F “DRAMA QUEEN”Pink Paris ; Studio F “WILD THING” Zebra and of course my favorite Studio F “WINNER”Blue .I totally love it because I can see the designer are really interested in details too.You will love everything in this room. And the best part is that the bed ,chair and even the carpet are coming with some lovely animations .So if you didn’t get this inventory until now I advice you to do.You will love it.

So down here you have a teleport to the Studio F mainstore.As I think they are really good ,I am sure you won’t lose anything if you make a visit.Until next time I wish you all a wonderful shopping day.

-Store List-
Set: Baby Bedroom – Studio F /Designer- Fiery Ember
Available at Studio F Mainstore

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