Glamorous Furniture///DD Vampire Bed

Hello darlings.I hope you all had a fabulous start of week. As for today’s post I am going to present you something very unique that you don’t find in stores everyday.I always searched to present modern furniture that makes your house look speechless.Today we are traveling in the darkness and I will show you a unique and fabulous vampire bedroom. I know you are curios so just join me.

The first thing that all of us should know is the name of the designer and the store.This set is designed by Ray Zymurgy the owner of Digital Dream .I love them a lot because they create only high quality things.At their store you can find furniture but animation too.That makes them one of the top designers in second life.

Now let’s talk about the set I presented.I never liked very much vampires ,but this time we will make an exception because this bedroom let me speechless. Named “Vampire Bed “ it comes with a very unique and high quality bed,2 torches and 3 bone pile to give the room a even more horror style .I totally enjoy the animations.You can do so many things.I can even read or have breakfast in my new bed.And of course the vampire scenes aren’t missing.By pressing the menu you can select all kinds of scenes:ritual ,pole ,chair etc. I know you all waited for me to say this ,and happily I will do.The set comes with sex poses too ,so as you can see we have a lot to win if we own it.I totally recommend you to get this bed in your inventory too.

In the same time don’t forget to check Digital Dreams other designs too.They are pro in furniture designing and animations and their stores hides a lot of glamorous things.So like always I wish you a wonderful day and good luck shopping.

-Store List-
Set: Vampire Bed –Digital Dream /Designer- Ray Zymurgy
Available at Digital Dream Mainstore


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