Glamorous Furniture//Depoz Queen Anne Room

Hello readers.How are you today?I know I didn’t blog to post in the past days but here I am ,back to show you some lovely furnitures.Today we are returning back to the Victorian period and I will present you a store that was already blogger in the past ,but this time it comes with a lovely dinning room .So join me In today’s furniture presentation.

You remember Depoz?Last time I presented a fantastic living room from them.They create high quality designs for a long time,and never stop to amaze us with their imagination.There is not thing that you can’t find at their mainstore.I am so honored to be able to present you this absolutely lovely new design.

In a big house you always have to get a dinning room too.Something nice and elegancet.Today I present you the Queen Anne dinning room that is very Victorian inspired.The thing you will love is the fantastic animations .Another thing is that you can rezz all kind of foods on the table so you can really feel like you are having dinner.You can even change the chair cushion texture.So this is for sure the perfect dinning room for a person that respects himself/herself and loves high quality things.

So if you didn’t visit until now Depoz,I totally recommend you to take a look.It’s time for you to redecorate your house.Like always I wish you good luck with shopping.

-Store List-
Set: Queen Anne Dinning Room–Depoz /Designer- Mash Mandala
Available at Depoz Mainstore


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