Glamorous Furniture//Abiss Loop Set

Hello my favorite readers.How are you today?Even if my b-day just ended and now I am officially 25 years I still get this night on the blog as I can’t sleep and bring you one of sl top designer. Believe me ,what you will see In the next minutes will let you speechless.So let’s pass over this introduction because I know it can get boring really fast and lets see what I have there.

First of all you must know who designed that fabulous stuffs in the picture.After you saw the perfect texture I think you already know it is made by Abiss store [designed by Frasha Boa].For sure she is one of second life’s best furniture designer .Her hard work is easily to be seen, there is no avatar in the virtual world that didn’t hear about Abiss mainstore.I am really honored and proudly can say I have the chance to present you today the next set.

In the pictures you can see one of the most wonderful living room furniture.Made from 1 big coach, 2 armchairs and a table/ottoman the set named Abiss Interior – Loop is for sure a must have.I presented it today with 2 different colors : the Autumn Version one ,and of course the funnier Funky style.The thing that will let you breathless is the texture.We are all used that abiss creates some unique and very high quality textures ,but this is something extraordinary . So if you didn’t get until now this lovely sets in your inventory I totally recommend you to go shopping.

As I told you before Abiss is for sure one of the most hardworking second life homes company and they deserve all our attention. I still remember how happy I was when I first entered her store.Now it’s your turn to have that feeling.Good luck shopping like always<3

-Store List-
Set: Loop Autumn/Funky –Abiss /Designer- Frasha Boa
Available at Abiss Mainstore

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