GF Announcement//Home Expo 2010

Hello darlings.This post is not a home/furniture presentation is actually a invitation to one of the most important second life’s Architects, Builders & Landscapers Fair.It is exactly what we need.A large number of designers already joined already so we can make sure we will see our favorites on the 8 sims they reserved for this fair,The fair is meant to start at 8am on April 10th and to close on April 18th at 10pm.

The most important is that all benefits go to  Relay For Life of SecondLife and the American Cancer Society. Hosted by The All-Stars Relay For Life Team I am sure this will be our big success. Now we can find all we want in one place.You can see on their official website a list of all designers involved (

It will be presented everything home related( prefabs, furniture ,swimming pools,garden stuffs etc).In the same time , Nikki Mathieson is thinking at us to so we can have fun during the time we spend on the sim. So there will be musical entertainment and content creation demonstrations at the Main Stage Area throughout the Expo.

For a complete list of information about this even please visit their official blog( Hope to see you at the fair,and don’t forget to shop a lot. It’s always better to have new things in your house.


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