Glamorous Furniture//reBourne Manhattan House

Tomorrow I will be finally 25 years.Waiting this day for a long time *laughs*.Anyway I have a gift for you,the readers,too.We blogged best furniture on our website and now we are ready to make another big step and blog houses too.So that’s is my surprise for you today.Join me today and let’s see what is my favorite home.

First of all I want to present you ReBourne store.They are for sure one of the most known designers for this kind of homes.When I visited their store they let me with my mouth open.All their houses are high qualities,and the best part is that they are unique.So if you didn’t visit them until know ,you should.You won’t lose anything.

Let’s see what I have here for today.After they showed me some of their designs[of course all of them were breathtaking] I finally decided to blog this one.Is for sure one of my favorite because of it’s style and high quality texture.You won’t find a person to say you that he/she don’t want to visit Manhattan .That’s why I present you today the lovely house named reBourne Manhattan.

First of all you will love the environment .That’s the thing that makes me love reBourne.They are not interested just in making the house look good,they want to feel us like we are in Manhattan.So if you are on the balcony you will be able to see the city lights and some other roofs to give it a realistic look.

Now about the house.It’s fantastic because it is not a small one.You have enough space for everything.One of my favorite rooms is the upstairs one.The window is created in such way it makes you relax and feel proud of having this home.Oh and the bathroom is one of the key things in the house.It comes with a fabulous shower,and a lovely sauna. Who said you can’t be a VIP ?

So I totally recommend you to take a visit to the reBourne store today and look for this fabulous loft. Of course don’t forget about their other designs ,they are all high qualities.I wish you all a very good shopping day.

-Store List-
House: Manhattan –reBourne /Designer- Danny Bourne
Available at reBourne Mainstore


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