Glamorous Furniture//Depoz Arliano Living Room

I am finally home,but now I am preparing for my birthday.Anyway I returned back on the blog today to present you something you will fall in love with.You know how much it means for me that the designs to be high quality,and I found one that perfectly fits in my requirements. I won’t keep you busy with the introduction so let’s pass to the sweetest part.

First of all I must mention that all the stuffs in the picture were designed by Mash Mandala the owner of Depoz Store.They are second life’s best furniture shop since 2004,so as you can see they have a lot of experience in this domain.Since they designed their first stuffs they grow up very fast and now became a six sim store.So if you look for something to decorate your home ,don’t forget to check Depoz.

Anyway (here comes my favorite part) this set named The Arliano collection ~ Living Room Set is actually a Victorian inspired design.You will totally love the high quality texture and especially the poses.You can sit almost everywhere and still look amazing.The fireplace is something that will make you want it even more. Carefully designed,it represents for me one of the most important object in the room.The script to turn on/off the fire is there too.That drapes and the window are other things that you must have in your inventory.Perfect texture,and fabulous prim work this set deservers your attention.

You can’t tell your friends that you didn’t visits Depoz,they will laugh.So I totally advice you to take a look.They are one of second life’s top furniture designers.I hope you will all have a fabulous shopping day.

-Store List-
Set: The Arliano collection Living Room –Depoz /Designer- Mash Mandala
Available at Depoz Mainstore

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