Glamorous Furnitre//La’Licious Dollhouse

Good Afternoon darlings .I am back home and preparing for my birthday that will be in 2 days.Anyway for today’s post I will bring you something very childish ,something that is impossible not to love.I don’t have kids ,but for sure I would love to have one very soon.Anyway we all know that they need our attention and today I will teach you how to decorate their room .

Maybe you are asking yourself who designed the stuffs in the pictures?I very proudly say that Amaliscious Destiny the owner of La’Licious Designs made everything there.She creates first class furniture that fits everyone styles. Since I saw her designs on the internet and in the virtual world I told myself”I have to blog this girl” and *yay* I did it.

This set is named ~La’Licious~ Dollhouse,and I think you already know why.It’s a girly room ,that for sure will be adored by your daughter.It comes with a lot of designs to give it a good look:a dollhouse that actually is a bed ,a carpet, small chair,toy box,wardrobe and a lot of decorations to give it a very nice style.So if you didn’t buy this set,for sure you should .And it isn’t expensive at all.

La’Licious store creates some of the best furnitures.She carefully designs all her stuffs,and never forget to use a lot of love.I think she deserves our attention ,so press the teleport button to her store.

-Store List-
Kids Room: Dollhouse – La’Licious /Designer- Amaliscious Destiny
Available at La’Licious Mainstore

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