Glamorous Furniture//Summer with Kunst

YaY it’s Monday and I am still in New York,but sadly tomorrow I will return back home.Anyway I had enough time to present you another new release that will make you want it.I love summer holidays,I love the beach,I love the sun and of course I love this set.Come with me and let’s discover what breathtaking means.

I was extremely honored when [ kunst ] told me they accept to join the Glamorous Furniture Blog.I was even more honored when they sent me to present you this set.As you can see all their designs are must have .Their texture is perfect and fits every style.Anyway what I am going to present you today is something that will remind us about summer.

Named Tao II set + Tao tray set this is the perfect design for summer.It comes with a lovely sofa ,2 chairs,1 table ,my favorite a sunshade and of course first class decorations.You will totally adore the lovely animations and the best part is that the set doesn’t use a lot of prims.And the fabulous carpet is included in the set too.I totally recommend you to buy it as soon as possible.

So if you didn’t visit kunst until know do it.You won’t regret,and they really deserve our attention since they are working hard to make our life better.So let’s go shopping.

-Store List-
Set: Tao II set + Tao tray set – Kunst/Designer- Kunst Himmel
Available at Kunst’s Mainstore

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